3 Months Marketing Strategy Tropical B

3 Months Marketing Strategy Tropical B

3 months custom marketing, 3 payments $320, one a month for 3 months.

- Website user experience: seasonal promotions, and updates, bundles, payment in installments (afterpay, sezzle), influencer marketing app, bring a friend app , loyalty points, wishlists (optionals)

-1 email marketing campaign a week,

-1 blog posts a week to 500 words each, 500 words max, with SEO (seach engine optimization keywords)

- 2 social media post designs (and posting) per week (pushing blog post, give aways, new product, new collection, up to 2 social media channels. Focusing on establishing your brand and growing your email list.
- Website seasonal banners, coupons and promos setup and propagation (posts on social media, email campaigns)

- card design with qr code to follow on social media to include on your orders.
- Installation of meta storefronts, (you will need to login and verify your identity with meta, approval is subject to their terms and conditions, but I think your shop will be OK, however the verification process takes a little time).
- Website maintenance: I calculated with your website I think it will be around 3 hours a month. This will be $100 per month. This includes seo updates, listing products, new collections on homepage, new collections, settings, website changes, etc.

Min Commitment 3 months.