Shopify website full with marketing reserved
Shopify website full with marketing reserved

Shopify website full with marketing reserved


Custom shopify website personalized as discussed.

- I would add a banner with 2 slides, 1 for womans products, 1 for kids products.
-Below the banner a new arrivals collection.
-Then shop kids,
-shop women
- monogram (this section will be an image and text explaining what you offer and a button that says shop monogram and takes clients to monogram collection/products
- meet the owners (currently mission), and learn more will take you to about us.
- and a banner or your social media links/ or instagram feed if you have insta.
- I will re do about us, and add more pictures, some icons, and possibly your social media if you have already accounts.
- I will activate the blog and link it (link not working)
- I will customize the check out with your branding and colors
- Activate accounts so clients can create accounts, and track old orders etc.
-remove powered by shopify
-plugin for the monogram options that can be added to certain products or all, when they choose to have it with a monogram it will add an extra cost to the total price (you have to let me know how much), this will allow the client to include the letters for the monogram), and choose a font (if you have some options - up to 5 fonts), colors, and any monogram options you want.
If the monogram is available for all products I can activate it for all no problem
- FAQ section
- product reviews
- loyalty program
- bring a friend program
- back in stock alerts (will send an email to subsctibers when an item is back in stock)
- wishlist
-track order plugin
- SEO for 50 products (search engine optimization) seo for your shop, collections, image optimization, and alt tags for images (seo settings)

-  3 month marketing, with the aim of growing you email list and creating brand awareness.
2 social media posts a week (up to 3 social media), 1 blog post, 1 email marketing campaign, seasonal banners (halloween, thanksgiving, christmas. This includes seasonals like holidays, black friday, etc.