Shopify information to build your website

Thank you for order.

Please send me an email to or a message on etsy with the following information about your project (anything that applies):

* If you are sending an email please include your order number as subject.

  1. You will receive a request from me to the email you registered on shopify, asking permission to work in your shop as a partner/staff member. To send the request please include the link to your shopify shop. It should be something like

  2. Name of your shop

  3. Do you have a slogan? Or a phrase that defines your shop/what you offer?

  4. What are you planning to sell?

  5. What are your shop categories? (If any)

  6. If you have information about your shop, or anything you would like to say

    about it or about yourself to include in about page.

  7. If you have a logo, or if you do not have a logo, your preferred colors for the


  8. If you have any pictures or videos you would like to include

  9. If you have pictures of your products (6 would be enough for me to setup

    your shop).

  10. If you have your shipping costs, local and international (or if it’s done by


  11. Social media links

  12. Shipping policies

  13. Returns and refund policies

  14. Anything else you would like me to know


Things you will need to do as a account owner.

1. Payment gateways
I recommend to setup shopify payments, it manages credit cards. All you need is a bank account (personal or business). Also PayPal, and after those 2 you can choose anything you need from 3rd party payments (Afterpay, klarna, etc). To start, go to dashboard, payments.

2. Linking apps

If your package included installation of apps, you will need to link then from the apps section. After you liked the apps please let me know so I can finish setting them up (if necessary).

3. Go live
After the website is completed and you are ready to go live, you need to choose a plan to remove password protection. After you have a plan, go to dashboard, online store, preferences, scroll down to password and untick the box, save. You are live.

I look forward to working with you and I will contact you soon if I have an questions. You can expect a first revision within 3-4 business days. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

4. If you would like to know more about how to list new products, modify or edit existing products, etc, please visit my blog post ''How to list shopify products'', click here

Mary V